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Magdalena Kleist


Owen Sound, Grey County


Vegetables, Lamb meat

Lena Landei Country Culture

About the Farmer

In 2012 Lena put down roots in Grey Country after working on farms and at market gardens on no less than three different continents. She believes in biodiversity and balanced ecosystems, and wanted to farm outside the monopoly of global agribusiness. She enjoys working with the soil, plants and animals and seeing them all grow. She also likes the physical aspects of farming and working outside.

Some of her Lena’s favorite farm activities include driving the tractor (because it saves so much labour) and putting her sheep to pasture, especially the bouncing lambs. When not farming, Lena enjoys a myriad of outdoor actives including swimming in the lake, hiking in the bush or on the shoreline, skating, skiing and visiting friends.

About the Farm

I rent 7 acres of land and a barn on the west side of Owen Sound. It is mainly hay and pasture and about one acre for my garden. I divided the garden into two plots which I rotate between vegetables and cover crop. I grow a wide assortment of vegetables using companion planting and integrating flowers to attract pollinators. I have a greenhouse which I use to start my seedlings and also for heat-loving plants like tomatoes, peppers and sweet potatoes.

Besides selling my produce fresh, I also make preserves like relish, salsa, pickles and jams. I also grow a variety of heritage beans and peas to sell as seeds to other people who would like to grow these varieties. My small flock of sheep is pastured during the growing season and fed hay in the winter. I do not use any commercial feed like lamb starters, and I only supplement with whole mixed grain, a mineral/vitamin mix and salt. I do not use any hormones in my flock and if I have to administer any antibiotics, this is only for curative not for preventive reasons. My sheep are mainly raised for meat but I also sell breeding stock and lamb skins. Lamb meat is to be ordered ahead of time and will be custom butchered.

Producer Practices

Naturally grown vegetables and lamb. No pesticides, no GMOs, no hybrids.

Memberships and Licenses: Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO), Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO), Canadian Organic Growers (COG), Ontario Sheep Marketing Association (OSMA), Seed Saver Exchange (SSE), Safe Food Handling Certificate issued by the Health Unit

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