A Huge Thank You!

Well, you really do love us!

We put a call out to the community last week, looking for a few more orders per week to ensure that we had enough income to keep operations running. We were looking to increase orders by 10-15 for a total of 100-110 weekly orders to feel safe and secure moving into the spring.

We closed the ordering window last night with 211 orders.

Holy heck, crew – you really showed up!

The message was shared far and wide over social media, in group emails, through networks, across the far reaches of Grey Bruce. We had 51 membership purchases (including renewals and new members).

We hope that this trend will continue week to week, but this surge in order volume also means that we have a buffer to help get us through the slower weeks and will give us the confidence to keep marching forward in the quest to help build a more equitable and resilient local food network.

An important point to include with this thank you note: we are literally doubling our volume of orders next week. We’ve called in a few extra volunteers and will have to adjust our weekly operation to account for the increase. As such, we ask you to please be patient with us! We’ll do our best, as we do every week, to make sure that everyone gets the very best quality food from our local producers, but if there are errors, just let us know by email (info@eatlocalgreybruce.ca) and we’ll get the problem resolved asap.

Thank you again, all. I’m so glad you love this little co-op as much as I do. Let’s keep it rolling in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Cheers, Kel

A Huge Thank You!

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