ELGB Needs Your Help

Hey folks,

I’ve drafted quite a few communications to all of you, and this is probably the most important one. Eat Local Grey Bruce is teetering on the edge of existence, and we desperately need your help.

We need more orders. And we need them now.

The TLDR (too long, didn’t read) version of this newsletter is this: we have two weeks to find 10-15 more weekly orders, or we will need to close down the cooperative.

Now here’s the long version.

The last year has been a journey for board members, staff, and volunteers alike. After facing insolvency, we poured our hearts and souls into rebuilding this co-op. There have been so many successes! The doors are open, we are operating without accruing debt, we have streamlined, we have connected with new communities, and we are providing volunteer opportunities for local schools. There is so much to celebrate.

Alas, now is not a time for celebration because we risk losing it all. 

We have fallen short of our 100 orders per week goal for the last few weeks, which means that things need to improve NOW in order to continue operating the co-op. There’s no longer a grace period. This is it.

Kristine used the famous line from the Kevin Costner classic Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” Well, we’ve built it, and we are eagerly awaiting you!

I have so many mixed emotions from where I’m sitting now. ELGB is honestly such a unique and amazing model that represents a shared responsibility to create a better food system: it’s local, it’s a cooperative, and it pays our local food producers fairly. When I dream about a better world (something that I do far too often), this is it! This is the better model that I dream about building. It’s right here, right now, accessible to tens of thousands of people in my community, and we risk losing it because we are struggling to find 10-15 more people to welcome into our community of local food resilience.

I know there are more of you out there! When we relaunched last year, almost 200 people committed to ordering regularly, and we have new members signing up every week.

10–15 more orders per week seems like such a small goal to reach, but it is critical. We have two weeks to meet that goal, or we will have to close our doors.

I can’t express enough the importance of this little organization. In the face of conglomerates taking over our food systems, independent and ecologically-minded producers like our producer members at Eat Local face extinction. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but maybe not. As Jason shared at the town hall meeting recently, it’s an uphill battle for local food businesses. “Why is it that providers of something so universal, so central to the health of our bodies, our lands, our economies and cultures, are statistically unlikely to succeed?” he asks, and it’s a worthy question. Eat Local Grey Bruce represents a way forward that not only provides viable income for our local producers but also access to fresh, local food for our eater members—something that grocery giants are less concerned about over producing record-breaking profits year after year. Eat Local is a way to push back and take control in a way that is collective, communal, and honestly, a lot of fun.

So we need to do this together, and this is my call to you: if you also care about local food, if you care about good quality food, if you care about our local farmers and food producers, now is the time to step up. We’d love to have you as part of this community!



ELGB Needs Your Help

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