Volunteer Opportunities

Our current volunteer opportunities are listed below. If you have time to support our co-op as a volunteer please email us.

Backup Drivers

At Eat Local we work hard to keep to our delivery schedule but there are times when our driver might be sick or otherwise unable to drive. We are reaching out to you as Eater Members to help develop a list of alternate drivers that could be called upon on short notice to make deliveries. This would be immensely helpful for the staff to have such a list so that they know who to call to get the deliveries out the door with minimal delays. In the past, staff have stepped up to make it happen but this only delays tasks in other areas of the co-op.

Driving a larger vehicle may be new to you, so if you are able and interested we welcome you to schedule a ride along with our regular driver. This would give feel for what the job entails physically and time wise. Drivers must have a clean driving record and pass clearance through insurance.
Compensation provided.

Backup Vehicles

Mechanical issues with our delivery van is another cause for delivery schedule mayhem. If you have a van or any vehicle that ELGB could rent or have you drive, please let us know. The load could be split so your vehicle wouldn’t need to be as big as our delivery van. This is often a short notice situation, and being close to our Meaford warehouse is an advantage.
Compensation provided.

Warehouse Assistant

There are several warehouse tasks that involve minimal training and supervision. Tasks include packaging dry goods, counting and weighing produce and prepping for our order packs. If you have free time on Mondays or Tuesdays and are located in the Meaford area, please consider helping us out.