Undelivered Order Policy

Please carefully read through our Undelivered Order policy. This policy was put in place to ensure fair treatment to consumers, producers and staff. The Consumer Refund Policy is subject to future revisions and adoption by the Board or Staff of Eat Local Grey Bruce.

Before reporting an undelivered order, please check all doors to your house in case your order has been left at a back or side door (or front door). If you do not use your front door for deliveries, please contact us to record this information on your ELGB account.

In the event of an undelivered order, please contact us as soon as possible to report the incident. A missing order must be reported no later than 9pm on the day the order was scheduled to be delivered. Failure to report the error promptly, inhibits our ability to correct our mistake and salvage the order.

We will not be held responsible if a delivery address was incorrectly entered or the incorrect distribution location was selected. Please email us if you need any assistance selecting your delivery location. ELGB reserves the right to decide whether a full refund is warranted.

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