Eat Local Grey Bruce co-operative offers additional services along its core distribution service. These services are executed by designated service managers, who work self directed within the framework laid out in Terms of References and approved by the board.

Services for consumer members and non-members

Sourcing food for events

Service manager: Kristine Hammel,

With Eat Local Grey Bruce, your wedding caterer can conveniently access the best quality food ingredients – locally grown, seasonal, as tasty as you can imagine and all from our local farms. Your meat option – chicken, pheasants, fish, lamb, pig, half a cow or half a bison – you name it, we have it! All animals are skilfully raised on pasture using sustainable practices. Your yummy veggies and greens – straight from the field, without pesticides!

Contact us for sourcing local food. We will find the best quality suppliers – even if products are not marketed via the Eat Local Grey Bruce website!

Finding the right caterer

Service manager: Kristine Hammel,

Are you looking for a caterer who uses high-quality ingredients? Eat Local Grey Bruce will help you connect with local caterers who know what they are doing. We have supplier members who cater events of different sizes, but also are connected with other regional chefs who cater. Contact us and describe your needs and preferences, the group size and the setting of the event – and we will help you with the best partner!

ONFC Buying Club

Service manager: Jessica Hastings,

Many consumer members have contacted us about sourcing bulk flour and other items not on our regular product list. Contact us with the products you seek, and we will order it for you. Right now, these special orders only take place monthly, and the ordering period is one full week – due to the delivery schedule of our distributor.

Presentations on local food topics

Service manager: Thorsten Arnold,

Several members of the coop are experienced presenters on various aspects of the local food system. Whether you need someone talk on healthy nutrition, soil and farm management, ecological farming, value-based short supply chains, or other topics related to local food systems, we can help find the right speaker for you at the right costs!

Replicating Eat Local & Food Hub consulting

Service manager: Thorsten Arnold,

Eat Local Grey Bruce was collaboratively planned with support of a GF2/AAC grant. The coop was then implemented by rolling out the action list of this business plan (here). If you are interested in starting a food hub in your region, we can assess your market’s potential, help facilitate a start-up group, provide coaching to your local leaders, point at relevant funding support opportunities, share expertise on equipment and cost-effective sources, link you with other experts in the field, and help you with ideas on start-up financing. The devil is always in getting the details right!

In short, setting up a coop will require 5 elements:

  1.  A local leader who carries the torch for about 1 year
  2. A core group of three to five farmers who are willing to share their local customers with the coop.
  3. A partner co-op like Eat Local Grey Bruce, who will help you with start-up bylaws, policies, and graphic design.
  4. A start-up consultant who can figure out logistics, operations, finances, and structure. Our instigator Thorsten Arnold gladly shares his expertise and experience!
  5. Money. Replicating this co-op will cost around $200,000. This includes a high-quality refrigerated vehicle ($45,000), wage for your local leader ($30,000), operational losses during the first season ($30,000), a walk-in cooler ($20,000), start-up consulting for one year ($30,000), refrigerators and chest freezers ($10,000), industrial warehouse shelving ($5,000), graphic design ($5,000), software ($3,000), and freezer bags ($8,000). And lots of little things…

Services for Farmer members

Grant proposal writing

Service manager: Thorsten Arnold,

Writing grant proposals  often exceeds the mind space of many producers, especially during the busy production season. Suppliers receive a discount on any grant proposal consulting services, e.g. for job grants, producer grants (GF2, AAC, SARFIP, etc) and group business grants (AAC, Greenbelt). Our rate:

  1. Onetime submission fee $100 for producer proposals, grant-dependent on larger proposals (independent of success)
  2. For successful grants up to $20,000, the total fee is 5% of the grant value, with a minimum of $200. (non-members: 7.5%, minimum $250). Fees for larger grants are dependent on grant and project complexity. Submission fees are deducted from this amount.

Supplier members receive regular updates about upcoming grants in the form of a newsletter.