We envision a local food distribution system, which efficiently connects food buyers with food suppliers in the area of Grey Bruce. We envision a local economy that provides meaningful employment, enhances the environment and biodiversity, supports healthy living throughout the entire food chain, and vitalizes a food culture.


Consumers commit to supporting a local distribution system that provides access to food that is healthy for food buyers, supports a diverse environment, and provides fair wages to farmers and other food suppliers.

Producers commit to be considerate of consumer concerns when producing food, improving their environmental stewardship, in balance with production efficiency to provide food that is accessible to all.

As a community, we recognize that efficient distribution is required to maintain acceptable prices for producers and consumers. We commit to:
• Balancing the aspirations of consumers, producers, and co-op workers in a respectful manner and based on transparent communication,
• Promoting education on food-related issues in the understanding that all parties deserve mutual respect,
• Developing mechanisms that improve access to healthy, nutritious food for those who face barriers, due to constraints in mobility, money, time, skills, or awareness.