Producer Spotlight: Beaver Valley Maple

Nestled off of Grey Road 13 at the base of valley, Beaver Valley Maple produces certified organic maple syrup from the forests of the beautiful Beaver Valley.

While it may seem that all syrup is organic in nature, being certified comes with some additional practices that result in a premium product reflected in quality and taste.

First off, there are sustainable practices on how they manage their forests: they don’t remove competing trees and have regulated tapping guides with a maximum number of taps per tree. This means that their maples and healthy and strong in a mixed forest without heavy traffic. In fact, 95% of their bush work occurs on foot.

Next, there are absolutely no synthetic chemicals used in the syrup production process. Non-certified syrup producers might use these types of chemical in cleaning or sanitizing their equipment, but Beaver Valley is bound by strict guidelines about what materials they can use for these processes.

Finally, being certified organic means that all of their products are traceable. Product traceability refers to the ability to track and trace every single product that you make throughout the manufacturing process including tracking the minute the raw materials enter the manufacturing process until you ship products off to suppliers and retailers. This process includes a lot of information which allows inspection teams to monitor how long each material stays in each step of the production process, how the product is assembled, and where it’s headed next.

Being certified organic can be a lot of work but we think that you’ll appreciate the difference it makes in the final product. Check out some of Beaver Valley Maple’s products below, or check out their profile here in the Eat Local Grey Bruce store. You can also visit them online to learn more at

Producer Spotlight: Beaver Valley Maple

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