Producer Spotlight: Backwoods Preserves

Backwoods Preserves have been a core producer with Eat Local Grey Bruce for many years. Eater members have come to know them for the amazing jams, syrups, and pickles, all produced locally in Holyrood, Ontario.

Noah Martin and his family began canning, pickling and preserving fruits and vegetables in 2016. They use many locally grown items in our products.

Many of their products compliment each other in your daily menus: try the fruit syrups in your hot cereal or puffed cereal for breakfast. Taco Sauce or Chicken/Rib Rub add a savoury dash to any quick lunch salad or sandwich. Or you can try the chili sauce with spaghetti or pizza sauce on your homemade pizza or lasagna!

Check out some of Backwood’s products here, or visit their profile in the store to see what they have available.

Producer Spotlight: Backwoods Preserves

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