Producer Spotlight: All Sorts Acres

Tim Fisher and Jennifer Osborn are the proud farmers of All Sorts Acres. A gift of two Shetland sheep started them on a journey they never could have anticipated. They would have never believed that 10 years later Tim & Jennifer would be milking a flock of sheep and making ice cream, cream cheese, and other sheep milk goodies.

Jennifer’s lifelong involvement and education around animals, permaculture training and teaching, nature awareness, and art background have all contributed to her success as a shepherd. Tim’s environmental Engineering, and large scale composting experience have really helped with soil stewardship of the land.

The on-going joke on the farm is that Jennifer manages the front end of the sheep, and Tim deals with the back end.

It all begins with the milk. All Sorts offers premium, hand crafted, small batch sheep milk ice cream using milk from their pastured sheep, and local, organic, and fair trade ingredients. Each batch fresh weekly and carefully hand packed in their on-farm approved facility. It goes from their farm to you! They personally source local produce from like-minded farmers and use fair-trade and organic ingredients. Simple, traditional handmade ice cream is what they make. What they make is delicious!

All Sorts Acres practices “Whole Animal” farming. They have never felt comfortable about raising animals just for meat. After practicing permaculture for so many years, they feel that each species they have on their farm must preform more than one function. So the sheep not only provide lamb, but also give wool and milk for delicious sheep milk ice cream. The ducks provide eggs, meat, and ducklings. The chickens give eggs, manure, and provide the vital service of scratching up the duck area.

They raise animals that are balanced in the traits they have. All Sorts believes this provides them with a hardier, and healthier animals that are more suited to our climate, and management system.

Some of the regenerative and welfare based farming practices used at All Sorts Acre include:

  • rotational grazing to prevent ovegrazing of the land
  • not overstocking the land
  • non-GMO feed
  • keeping some areas of the farm specifically for wildlife such as grassland birds, pollinators, native plants, insects, and predators
  • keeping native marshland intact to maintain water quality- the farm has a wonderful marsh that is resident to many species of animals. In many ways it’s the pride and joy of the farm.

Their animal husbandry philosophy of farming is directed by the Five Freedoms. The five freedoms as currently expressed are:

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigor
  • Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind
  • Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

Check out some of All Sort Acres’ products below or visit their profile to see the rest of their products:

Producer Spotlight: All Sorts Acres

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