Our Commitment

Our Commitment To A Local Food System

The goal of Eat Local Grey Bruce is to make it easier for consumers to make good food choices and for farmers to make good growing choices. Good choices are those that improve and support our health, the local economy, animal welfare, biodiversity and environment.

In a complex food system, simple answers can seem elusive. By building a closer relationship between food producers and consumers, Eat Local Grey Bruce hopes to foster a conversation about food and agriculture, by asking constructive questions and finding answers together.

Our producers use a variety of practices, from certified organic and biodynamic, to certified naturally grown, non-certified organic, and conventional. What is common to all our producers is a passion for good food, community, constant learning and adaptation. We think transparent communication about each producer’s growing practices is more important than limiting ourselves to a particular type of production system. We encourage you to get to know your farmers, learn about their practices and ask questions. You can find our Producer Policy Here.


Locally-Produced Food

Whole food products (i.e. vegetables, meat, etc) grown within a 120km radius from Owen Sound. OR value-added food products (i.e. jams, pickles, pies) that are made within 120-km radius of Owen Sound and contains at least one main ingredient grown within a 120-km radius of Owen Sound.

Ontario-Produced Food

Whole food products grown within the province of Ontario or value-added food products that are made in Ontario and contain at least one main ingredient grown within Ontario unless the main ingredients are not commercially grown within Ontario. Preferential treatment for products that do not contain GMOs.

Certified Organic Food

Food products that have been certified by a regulatory body as meeting all the requirements of organic food production and that are labelled as such.

Ecologically-Grown Food

Humanely-raised (i.e. access to pasture during the summer months and adequate space over the winter)
Free of growth hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics
Non-GMO feed

Free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers

Eat Local Grey Bruce

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