Member Update – Jan 9

We are halfway through the crowdfunding campaign and, as you all know by now, the board and committee members have been analyzing our organization and the business that lives inside of it, assessing the ways it has been functional and dysfunctional through the six first years of its life. It feels like we’re in labour pains all over again. While it’s been taxing, there’s also a lot of hope right now. Something new and exciting has begun: a new type of conversation in the Eat Local community. 

Campaign Review

Just two weeks ago, we asked for help and, despite not giving you much to go on, we received an immediate show of unconditional support, with 115 donations and 145 pledges in the first week alone. To date, we have received $27,721 in donations, 166 pledges of support and 30 volunteer applicants have come forward!  This is great progress and we need everyone to continue spreading the word, giving what they can, and asking others to join in. It also bears repeating that this is our last chance to save Eat Local. If we do not reach our goal, the money is returned to donors and the board will file for bankruptcy. If we reach our goal, we have a chance.  If we reach our goal, we have a chance to pay what’s owed to producers and continue supporting them in the future.

Member Update

We also have received many messages asking important questions, and rightly so!  “How can I help?” has been a common one. Also: “Tell me more!”. These questions show us that you’re ready to be part of the discussion. So, in the spirit of building a new level of reciprocity and openness, we have put together a detailed report. It’s a brief (OK, a bit long) summary of our journey thus far, some lessons learned and an outline of how we plan to improve. We encourage you to read it so you are up to date on our current activity. 

Community Support

In the last week, we’ve had almost 150 community members pledge to make regular orders from ELGB with 83% of those pledges committing to a weekly or bi-weekly ordering regimen. These pledges represent a wider community support for Eat Local and give us the confidence to move forward. This commitment allows us to develop a more accurate plan for the future of a resilient organization. If you haven’t already, please take the pledge today so that we know we have your support and please forward to neighbours, friends, family and co-workers. 

We have a long way to go, but we remain hopeful because we know that Eat Local’s  vision is simple and beautiful. Eat Local moves us toward resilient, local food systems that are both equitable and ecologically sound. We have an opportunity here to unite, with community at the core of our work, and healthy, sustainable foods on our plates.

We invite you to join us!

Listen to our interview on CBC!

Member Update – Jan 9

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