How memberships work

Consumer members benefit from convenient delivery, fresh local choices at fair prices and a full grocery basket of choice. Members of Eat Local Grey Bruce shape the local food system through their right to vote as a co-op member. Within our vision and mission, consumer members take true ownership of how their eating choices impact our local economy and environment.


Members order food online; orders are fully customizable and no regular commitment is necessary.

The online store is open for shopping between Wednesday noon and Monday noon the following week.

Shortly after the store closes on Monday, the orders are sent to our producers who then bring their items to the warehouse the following day.

On Wednesday and Thursday, orders are assembled and delivered to customers homes or drop-off locations.

All orders are packed in our Eat Local insulated reusable bags.  Our insulated bags are exchanged with the delivery of your next order.


All payments are via credit card.  Credit Card payments are processed Tuesday evening after all products have arrived at the warehouse. Any errors will be reimbursed, let us know.

Getting started

  1. Sign-up: Create your Eat Local Account. Choose from home delivery or a nearby pickup location. We serve most of Grey Bruce, and will soon be expanding to Collingwood. Your account will be activated within 1 day.
  2. Log in and place your order once a week
    Create your order from over 300 products.
    Your first order will include a $35 annual charge for membership processing and two awesome insulated bags that will be rotated with the next orders.
  3. Receive your order once a week. We deliver year round.



We will include another membership category, retail members – small stores, restaurants, caterers, and Bed and Breakfasts. Please give us some time to figure out the details!


How to Sign Up

How to Shop for Products Online

What if …

  • No convenient delivery location? Suggest one and we will make it work!
  • Your favorite food is not available? Let us know what you are missing (!