Solidarity Model


Additional membership levels will allow those who wish to contribute beyond the $35 annual fee to support the co-op. The money raised through the various Memberships will be split between the Solidarity Fund and closing the gap on Producer payments.

If you would like to become a membership E member, please fill out this form so that we can learn how to help you best, explain the process to you and answer any questions you may have. All information collected will be kept confidential within the cooperative.

About the Solidarity Model

Locally produced, ecologically nurtured food products come at a higher price for many reasons. Local typically means small scale operations, fair labour wages, farming without toxic pesticides and most work done by hand, to name a few. All of these factors contribute to higher food prices. This reality has made it difficult for ELGB to support lower-income members.

As Eat Local grows and becomes more established as an organization, we open doors to new opportunities for providing delicious local food to a wider breadth of the community.

The Solidarity Model has been created to help lower-income families and individuals gain access to local food with the help from members who find themselves in a more comfortable financial situation. We hope you embrace the cooperative spirit with us, so together we can make this program shine!

Herbal Blend Fundraiser

We are launching a new line of Teas and Tinctures made by Callum, ELGB Outreach Manager, to fundraise for our Solidarity Model Fund in addition to the Saugeen Food Hub, Bagida-waad Alliance, The Grey Bruce Black Historical Society, Eat Local infrastructure, producer payments and more to come. Only the cost of the materials will be reimbursed to the cooperative to enable Callum to continue making these products. All proceeds will go to the organizations listed above.

Solidarity Tokens

Members can add solidarity tokens to their order in any amount. These tokens will be used exclusively to support lower-income families and individuals who apply for assistance. 

Eat Local Grey Bruce

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