The Secrets Behind Chocolate: A Tasting

The Secrets Behind Chocolate: A Tasting

Location: Rabbit Dash Coffee House (
Date: Thursday, November 30th, 2023
Time: 7-8pm
Cost: $25+/person (pay what you want)
Tickets: Buy Tickets Here
Instructor: Amanda Klarer

Very few of us remember our first taste of chocolate. It has seamlessly made its way into our traditions and life changing moments. But what do we truly know about it? This session will explore chocolate’s story from birth to present day. We will learn to appreciate its many complex flavours, unique terroirs and the people making it all possible.

Come indulge your palate!

About Amanda

Amanda Klarer has spent many years working, living and learning from smallholder farmers in various parts of the world including cacao farming communities in Africa and South America. Her passion for chocolate runs rampant through her veins. While living among cacao trees, she has seen the many sides of the cacao industry and its effect on farmers, flavours and the future of chocolate. On a mission to empower consumers, producers and farmers, she travels internationally to talk about chocolate and food systems.

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