ELGB is Hiring a General Manager

As always it has been a busy week behind the scenes over here at Eat Local. The most exciting bit of news being that we can finally announce that WE ARE OFFICIALLY HIRING!!!  

We are looking for a full time in person General Manager. This is a dynamic role for someone looking for a challenging position that comes with a lot of rewards that will guide ELGB into the next phase of the co-op. We know it’s a lot, but so far amazing people have come out of the woodwork to help Eat Local, so we’re keeping a heightened sense of the possible. We also have a renewed commitment to fair wages and are hoping that the proposed compensation will incentivise wonderful applications. 

Please share widely! The position will remain open until it is filled, but we will start interviews right away.  

Click here to view the job description

In other news, we had our first official volunteer work-bee at the warehouse on Wednesday, re-organizing the space to make sure that when we do open our doors the packing process is streamlined and efficient. Believe us, we’re counting the days!

On the producer side of things, Jason -our board president and producer liaison- has been in conversations with our veggie producers working on a concerted crop plan for the upcoming growing season. This is something that we have long felt was a good move for the co-op and these conversations make us very excited! 

We know you’re all excited to hear about our official relaunch date and while we’re eager to get the doors open again, we want to make sure we’ve ironed out the key wrinkles of the past. And there is progress! Thanks to the wonderful support of Grey County, through the Business Enterprise Centre, we are receiving great guidance from someone with more than 20 years of experience in the local food grocery sector. Our Grocery Guru has shared critical financial insights, as well as assisted with operations and human resources. Board members and additional volunteers are also contributing their expertise in accounting, logistics and financial analysis to set us up with a budget, online store, warehouse and delivery routes that work. While the idea of getting local food to local people is simple in principle, making it happen requires many players and pieces to come together in a finely choreographed dance.

Rest assured, the pieces are coming together and we hope you’ll give us a few more weeks of patience. It won’t be long now! 

In gratitude, 
ELGB team

ELGB is Hiring a General Manager

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