Eat Local Recipe Series: Iced Coffee

Ingredients 1 bag of coffee from Ironwood Coffee Company (I love their Espresso Blend for this) Maple syrup from Beaver Valley Maple or Miner’s Maple Products Milk of your choice (try some Oat Milk from Neal Brothers, Whole Milk, Chocolate Milk or even Coffee Milk from Miller’s Dairy) Cinnamon or cocoa to sprinkle on top (optional – from ONFCContinue reading “Eat Local Recipe Series: Iced Coffee”

Eat Local Recipe Series: Tropea Onion Soup

Ingredients 2 tablespoons of olive oil from Rallis Olive Oil or Ontario Natural Food Co-op 1 generous pound of tropea onions from Persephone Market Garden A pinch of chili flakes A scant ½ pound of a starchy potato from Twin Creeks Farm, Cirrus Hill Farm, Stewarts Produce, Bruce Huron Produce Auction, Sideroad Farm or Burdock Grove 2 ½Continue reading “Eat Local Recipe Series: Tropea Onion Soup”

Why Does Local Food Cost More? Does it Really?

One of the biggest and most impactful shifts that supporting local food systems can provide is moving away from consumer cultures that embed themselves in narratives of competition and individual notions of rights towards responsibility. It is almost impossible to govern food chains as “public commons” when notions of A common thing we hear aboutContinue reading “Why Does Local Food Cost More? Does it Really?”

Local Food Systems Series: Supports Community Resilience

Resilient, in our view, means that the food system can withstand external shocks. Having systems in place that create stability when processing plants close down, extreme weather events occur, having a reliable labour force that has the skills required etc. Eat Local supports creating local systems that rely more on community relationships and responsibilities thatContinue reading “Local Food Systems Series: Supports Community Resilience”

How Local Food Supports a Local Economy

This one is pretty simple! Food produced within the community means that money gets put back into the local community to support more localized financial security. When you choose to spend money on locally grown food, it keeps your money in your community. Instead of supporting large supermarket chains, you can support individuals in your ownContinue reading “How Local Food Supports a Local Economy”

Local Food System Series: Ugly Food is Good Food

Over the last few years, as discussions around ugly food have become more prominent, people are thinking twice about the food standards they apply in their grocery stores, farm shops, and at home cooking.  Although there is more traction in this movement, there is still a lot of work to do. At Eat Local weContinue reading “Local Food System Series: Ugly Food is Good Food”