Black Futures Month 2021

Black Futures and History Month 2021 at Eat Local! Year-round, we strive to connect people with local, affordable and fresh products, and this month we’re exploring how the local food movement is connected to food justice and racial justice. How is it all connected? Access to food has been a tool of white supremacy and colonialism. There is a long history of systemic racism in food systems, including theft or destruction of land and water, removal of peoples from their lands and from their traditional foods.

In June 2020, we made a commitment to do better. Our Board of Directors and Staff have stepped into a process of collective learning. We are learning more about the complex history of Black and Indigenous peoples in our region, and how Eat Local can make changes to repair damage done to these communities. For Black History Month this year, we will focus on three key areas: Education, Access, and Elevation.

We are running a film series that takes a deeper look at systemic racism within our food system. Two films set to launch in Fall 2021 will focus specifically on Black farmers’ experiences, they are just in the final editing phase.

We will soon launch a solidarity share model to support low-income folks within our community. This will enable low-income folks, who are disproportionately Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, to have access to the same healthy, local and fresh products that more privileged and often white folks in our community have. Stay tuned for details!

We will be highlighting Black farmers, producers, distributors, and local businesses in our region and surrounding regions to elevate their important work, and contributions to the local food movement.

If you are a local Black farmer producer, distributor or local business and would like to be highlighted on our page send us a DM or email

Black Futures Month 2021
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