Behind the Scenes of a Relocation

Having secured a new location is only the first step in the relocation process.  We will be continuing operations as a warehouse and pick-up location; however, we continue to dream about the future via our ongoing strategic planning process.

Work continues to prepare the new space for our arrival. Public Health visited the site this week and we got the thumbs-up on our plans. Walls are up and being finished by the SCP Properties crew, and much of the electrical work is underway. Plumbing and floors are also on the list of things to be done, and contractors are being secured. We plan to complete the relocation at the end of April, when we will move primary infrastructure such as our walk-in cooler, freezers and racking. We are hopeful to only be closed for a week, with the goal of being settled in May.

Some of you who are members might be wondering how this move affects you. The short answer is not at all, at least not yet. We are working hard to ensure continuity of the service that people have come to expect. There may be some changes to routing based on the change in geography, however those are not expected until late April/early May and will be communicated in advance. We are also hoping to resume and increase our use of community pick-up points in the coming months. Do you happen to know of a place that would make a great community drop spot?  If so, please reach out!  

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, We look forward to continuing to update via weekly reports on our progress, so keep watch!

Behind the Scenes of a Relocation

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