A Tale of Two Buildings: Part 2

A Tale of Two Buildings: Part 2

396 14th St. W in Owen Sound has been our home since the beginning. Historically, it was the home of Vectacor or Hudson Bay Wholesale, depending on who you ask. More recently we shared the building with the Owen Sound Combat Academy, Hands-On Sport Therapy, and The Warehouse Gym. We have grown into the space as we’ve grown, having started with a 1,426sqft space in 2016 and expanded into 3,857sqft by fall of 2020; we are grateful for the support of the last building owner, Keith Miles, to have been able to do so.

We are supportive of Grey County in their upcoming redevelopment of the site as transitional housing and related services – it is much-needed in our region, and we wish them well as they begin to get the building ready for their needs. 

It’s hard to believe that this week marks the last week in operation in our first home – like many first homes, it’s full of memories. While we’ll miss our current space and breaks along the Pottawatomi, we look forward to making our new space a home and lunch hours by Georgian Bay. We are grateful for the special place 396 14th was for ELGB for so many years.

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