Eat Local Recipe Series: Popcorn, Two Ways!

Welcome to our Eat Local Recipe Series where a very not-professional cook creates and tries recipes made with ingredients directly from the Eat Local Grey Bruce Online Store! Our hope is that this series may inspire you to try something new and to get creative in the kitchen with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients grown and prepared by our local farmers and producer-members.

Popcorn, Two Ways

This week’s recipe is a simple one – a tried and true go-to snack in my household: Popcorn! Much of the time, I love classic buttered popcorn with a little salt and pepper but sometimes I whip up a special batch to keep things interesting. Below you’ll find two different ways I like to dress my popcorn – a sweet version that I swear tastes like cinnamon buns and a savoury version that always hits the spot. Whip these out for a night in front of a movie or on a summer afternoon to tide you over until dinner.

All topping amounts are eyeballed and done to taste – experiment to find your favourite proportions!

You’ll need:

Popcorn kernels from Backwoods Preserves or A&E


Maple Syrup from Beaver Valley Maple or Miner’s Maple Products

Salt from A&E

Butter (salted or unsalted) from Millbank Cheese & Butter

Cinnamon from A&E or Ontario Natural Food Co-op


Butter (salted or unsalted) from Millbank Cheese & Butter

Nutritional Yeast from Ontario Natural Food Co-op

Salt from A&E

Freshly Ground Pepper

How to:

Prep popcorn like you usually would. I happen to have an air popper but I also frequently make my popcorn on the stove top.

Use a heavy-bottomed pot, turn the burner on to med-high, and pour in a little bit of neutral oil and throw in just a few kernels – cover and wait until those few kernels have popped before adding the entire amount (I will often make ⅓-½ cup of kernels, I find that is enough for 2 adults).

Take your pot off the burner and let sit for 30 seconds with the lid on and then pop back on the element – popcorn should start popping relatively quickly. Shake your pot periodically to keep the kernels from burning. Once you can’t hear any more popping sounds, remove the pot from the burner and leave covered for 30 secs to let any remaining kernels pop before removing lid, pouring your popped popcorn into a bowl and adding toppings.

While popping my popcorn I like to melt the butter in a separate pan or small pot on the stove. You can also melt it in the residual heat of the stovetop after you’ve turned off the burner and distributed the popcorn into serving bowls.

Choose your toppings!

For Sweet: add melted butter, maple syrup, salt and lastly, cinnamon. Mix!

For Salty: add melted butter, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast. Toss!

Eat right away! So, so easy and yet so satisfying!

Check out our many awesome producers here and let us know if you try it out!

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