Benefits of Eat Local

Consumer members

Consumer members benefit from convenient delivery, fresh local choices at fair prices, and a full grocery basket of choice. Eat Local Grey Bruce wants to help consumers with making good choices. What is healthy? What food is seasonal? What price point is reasonable and what is exaggerated? As food professionals, we help navigating the perceived complexity of our food system between food fads, corporate green-washing, and bogus claims.

Producer members

Producer members can rely on a convenient marketing and distribution venue. Because they are partial owners, Eat Local Grey Bruce gives producers distribution security: we will not throw them out for a tiny gain in price. ┬áThis security allows producers to invest in their growth, and will ultimately strengthen everyone’s supply and food security.


Over time, Eat Local Grey Bruce will build community partnerships, strengthen communication between consumers and producers, and offer education on food-related issues. But first, we need to focus on setting up a financially stable distribution system!