Thank you for signing up and supporting Eat Local Grey Bruce! Your participation is what will bring this idea to life!

Starting to shop…

Your account is not yet activated: Our software requires that staff does so manually, in order to assign your delivery day and route. This typically takes less than one day.  We apologize for this inconvenience, which we are working on overcoming in the future.

Our ordering period is Thursday/evening to Monday/noon. Our software requires that we then take most products offline, until products are at the warehouse and our inventory is confirmed. This limitation will be addressed this winter.

  • Many small farmers offer limited quantities of their products, and may have sold out by Monday;
  • Many items are available only seasonally. This includes frozen goods that keep well in a freezer, e.g. chicken, pork, or beef.  While we could address this with a larger, central freezing facility but this exceeds our startup capacity. It is worth stocking up on these.


Your “free” membership…

On your first delivery, you will receive a bill for “two insulated bags (including a free membership)” which will be $35. With credit card, we can only charge for goods that fall within our return policy, and memberships are non-refundable. In order to avoid complicated payment methods that a membership would otherwise require, we have chosen to sell bags instead of memberships. Any offer on a reduced-price membership would also result in the same type of offer for our “two insulated bags (including a free membership)”.

Bags & Ice packs…

Please return your insulated bags AND ice packs to your pick-up location, as you will receive a new one with your next order. We are currently not policing bags, because we believe our members are reasonable and will not collect those at home. In case we run short of bags, we will have to establish a (costly) refund system and charge for it additionally. PLEASE just return them regularly and cleanly! And yes, it is totally OK to use them when shopping or even at the beach but give them a rinse if they got dirty.


We generally prefer credit cards, because they can be processed automatically and traceability is easier. In case you ever need to send a cheque, please make it out to “Eat Local Grey Bruce” and send them to:

Eat Local Grey Bruce
P.O. Box 292
Owen Sound, ON
N4K 5P5

Looking beyond…

For more information, check out the website (How It Works, FAQs). We began deliveries in phases: we started with the Owen Sound area in June and have expanded to other areas since then. We are in need to quickly grow our revenue, in order to make this not-for-profit project work that is meant to help our local farmers AND be the most convenient service of fantastic food to our customer members like you.

Please remember – For us, food delivery is only the first step in building a local food system that includes education and learning, support of disadvantaged community members to access healthy food, and many other visions that all require one thing: functioning distribution of local food.

There are several ways to help Eat Local grow and thrive:

Spreading the word…

  • The best way to help us is by spreading the work about Eat Local Grey Bruce to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. We have postcards and posters – get in touch and we’ll send you a package.
  • Like us on Facebook! (
  • We invite us to present Eat Local Grey Bruce at your community organization!

Help with resources…

  • We have a limited number (150) of member bonds ($500), which are loans, for sale to raise start-up capital. Please contact us if you would like more information.
  • If your company is interested in sponsorship, please contact us directly.
  • If you have an excess chest freezer, we need these for pick-up locations.
  • We are also looking for office furniture and equipment – if you happen to have something suitable for commercial use, please send a description and picture (desk, office chairs, staplers, filing cabinets, Espresso Machine etc.).

Building the network…

If you live in a rural area, you can volunteer to host a pick-up location (see FAQ for details).

We are honoured by your support, it enables our start-up. THANK YOU!

Contact us at .