Eat Local Grey Bruce is an online farmer’s market. Once you create an account you can add products to your cart from Fridays at 7pm to Sunday 11:30pm. You choose exactly what goes into your cart, with no obligation to order weekly. Orders must be confirmed by Sunday 11:30pm to make that week’s delivery.

Signing Up

If you’re new to Eat Local, the first thing you need to do is create an account. All it takes is an email and password. After creating your account, you will need to choose your delivery location and fill out billing and contact information. The only other thing you need to fill is your cart! You can choose from over 500 products from your computer or mobile device.

Packing & Delivery

After the store closes on Sunday, product lists are immediately sent out to producers. The producers pick and package their goods and deliver them to our warehouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Deliveries are spread over a four day period, each with a morning and afternoon run. Orders for each route are packed at the warehouse and immediately sent on their way in our Eat Local van directly to your home or pick-up location. Pick-up locations are all equipped with freezers to keep frozen items frozen, and everything is packed into our Eat Local cooler bags to keep your groceries fresh. Empty cooler bags are collected by our driver on your next delivery. **Due to COVID-19 the majority of our pickup locations are temporarily unavailable. We have also ceased the use of our green cooler bags until further notice.

Click here to find out if we deliver to your area.

Payment Options

A credit card must be saved to your account for security reasons. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard or E-transfer. Click here for instruction on paying via E-transfer. We lose a significant amount of money each year on credit card fees, so E-transfers are greatly appreciated!

Payments are processed Tuesdays or Thursdays depending on your delivery day, to account for any product shortages. In the event that certain items are not delivered or unavailable, the item will be removed from the customers order prior to processing payments.

The Value of Your Membership

Eat Local charges a $35 +HST fee to become a co-op member. This fee covers the cost of the cooler bags that are used to deliver orders every week. In addition, you become a part owner of Eat Local and have a voice in how our company operates and how we evolve. You can contact us through email with your suggestions and concerns. You are also encouraged to join us for our Annual General Meetings where we discuss the current state of our business and
plans for the future.


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