Who we are

Eat Local Grey Bruce is a co-op of 30+ farmers that delivers  healthy, locally grown food right to your door.  Producer offer frozen meat, refrigerated dairy, veggies, bread, fruits, and preserved goods, plus we buy additional items from the Ontario Natural Food Coop and other suppliers to increase what Eat Local can offer.

How it works

Members order food online; orders are fully customizable and no regular commitment is necessary.    The online store is open for shopping between Wednesday noon and Monday noon the following week.  Shortly after the store closes on Monday, the orders are sent to our producers who then bring their items to the warehouse the following day.    On Wednesday and Thursday, orders are assembled and delivered to customers homes or drop-off locations.  All orders are packed in our Eat Local insulated reusable bags.  Our insulated bags are exchanged with the delivery of your next order.     Find out more here!

How do I start?

  1. Browse our store to see if Eat Local Grey Bruce is right for you.
  2. Check if we have a home delivery or pick-up location in your area.
  3. Sign up as a member . Create an account with your email and a password.
  4. Log in (with your account information).
  5. Place your first order in the online store.

With signing up, there is a yearly $35 membership fee.  Included in this membership are 2 reusable insulated bags.  


All payments are via credit card.  Credit Card payments are processed Tuesday evening after all products have arrived at the warehouse.  Any errors will be reimbursed, let us know.

Pickup locations and times

We are still looking for pickup locations. Our current delivery routes are mapped below.  Availability and times can be found here.