Consumer membership

Producer Members

Producer members are local farmers and processors that supply our co-op. Producer members have voting rights and their products are sold preferentially to non-member suppliers.

For details on becoming a new producer member, please click here!

Consumer Members

Consumer members are households who want to have convenient access to healthy, fresh and local food while supporting a food system that is committed to environmental stewardship, biodiversity, local food security, food sovereignty, and a direct fair relationship with farmers and producers.

Consumer members help shaping their local food system through their right to vote as a co-op member. Within our vision and mission, consumer members take true ownership of how their eating choices impact our local economy and environment.

If you are interested in becoming a new member and for more information, please consult our sign up page.

Retail and food service members

We will include another membership category, retail members – small stores, restaurants, caterers, and Bed and Breakfasts. Please give us some time to figure out the details!