Eat Local Grey Bruce has been supported by a number of individuals and enterprises.


Big Carrot provided support through their Carrot Cash grant. Carrot Cash has rewarded us for creating marketing material that highlight the benefits of a local food distribution system.

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada  (AAFC) support our intern positions through their Greenjobs program.

Growing Forward II supported our initial business study and plan.


Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) promoted Eat Local Grey Bruce by co-funding two internships under its Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative.

The County of Grey supported the Chef’s Forum with cooling infrastructure, which upon their resolution the Chefs Forum passed along to Eat Local Grey Bruce. The value of the chest freezer and two large commercial fridges is approximately $7000. In addition, the Chefs Forum donated their remaining funds of $2400 to Eat Local.

An anonymous supporter purchased a high-quality refrigerated delivery vehicle for our use.

Producer members raised enough start-up financing to cover legal costs and fees for incorporation and business start-up and for renting the warehouse.

Board directors are all volunteers who dedicate time above and beyond to make Eat Local happen.

Staff put in countless hours to make Eat Local Grey Bruce a success.

Partners & Friends

Our start-up was supported by a number of individuals and enterprises.


Lots of community members have provided encouragement that was vital for the board and team. So far, all labor that went into Eat Local Grey Bruce relied on volunteerism and the hope to receive minimal compensation through member bonds.

Over time, Eat Local Grey Bruce will build community partnerships, strengthen communication between consumers and producers, and offer education on food-related issues. But first, we need to focus on setting up a financially stable distribution system!