E-transfer Checklist:

  • If the name on your bank account does not match the name on your Eat Local account, please make a note on your E-transfer so we know who it belongs to.
  • Check the existing balance on your Eat Local account (see below).
  • Subtract any unused credits on my account (see below).
  • Send E-transfer to etransfer@eatlocalgreybruce.ca BEFORE 4pm Tuesday

Checking your order total:

Login to your Eat Local account and select ‘Account Activity’ from the user icon drop-down menu on the top right of your screen.


The total owing on your account will be displayed as “Unpaid Orders”.

Checking for Unused Credits: 

If you have any credit on your account you can subtract this from your total. The store credit on your account is displayed here as “Account Balance”.


Etransfer total = (Unpaid Orders) – (Account Balance)


A credit card must be saved to your account, but will only be charged if an E-transfer is not received before 4pm on Tuesday.

If your order ends up less than the amount sent via E-transfer, a credit fro the residual amount will remain on your account.