What is a Co-op?

What is a cooperative?

Co-ops are member-owned enterprises where all members have the same voting power. However, every Co-op is different. Legally speaking, OUR co-op is a not-for-profit enterprise, where each member has a vote in determining our goals and the ultimate direction we take as a whole. Since we are brand new, much of the shape of what we will become hasn’t been defined yet: we have adapted functional bylaws to our needs and will modify these over time! And we look forward to hearing your preferences as consumers and producers. This co-op will grow organically like the food we produce. We envision community development, education programs, and any way we can think of to celebrate good food and bring people together.

Membership and its Advantages

Through the membership with Eat Local Grey Bruce, we provide access to healthy local food that is grown sustainability. Through your membership, you support local farmers and businesses, you own a part of this grocery delivery service, and you contribute to building a regional food system that is robust, fair, and environmentally friendly. Another advantage? You qualify for delivery to your door for a delivery fee of only $5 (in sparse areas, pick-up from close to your home).   Eat Local Grey Bruce is your most convenient and economical option to purchase a great variety of locally produced goods of finest quality.

As a co-op member, you get a say in what we sell, how products can be produced, and take part in the strategic direction of our enterprise. Our producer membership will continue to grow as we prove ourselves a viable enterprise – your choice will just get better. This way, you play your part in building a truly sustainable local food system. That of course, is when things start to get interesting!

To become a member, you have to share our vision and sign up with your address and name. A consumer membership costs $35 per year (multi-year sign-ups discounted), and producers pay a $250 annual fee (which includes setting up a producer site).