Co-ops are member-owned enterprises where all members have the same voting power. Legally speaking, our co-op is a not-for-profit enterprise, where each member has a vote in determining our goals and the ultimate direction we take as a whole.

Membership and its Advantages

Your membership supports local farmers and businesses and contributes to building a regional food system that is robust, fair, and environmentally friendly all from the comfort of your computer!

As a co-op member you get a say in what we sell, how products can be produced, and get to take part in the strategic direction of our enterprise. As our producer membership continues to grow, your food choices will only get better!

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Bylaws & policies

Basic Information

Eat Local – A New Online Farmers Market – Who we are and what we need.


Our Articles of Incorporation – Who we are legally.

Our By-laws – How we operate.

Product and Membership policies

Our Product Policy – What we sell and what not.

Our Membership Policy – How producers and processors sell through us.

Membership Information – Information for producer members.

Other policies

Our Financial Policy – How finances are handled, who can do what

Web Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Return, Cancellation and Refund Policy

Help for staff

Help with our software