Refrigeration equipment from Chefs Forum

In the name of all members, Eat Local would like to express gratitude for a donation by the Chef’s Forum and also from Grey County. We regret that they were forced to resolve after so many farmers have volunteered so much, so much public support, and so much grant money spend for consulting. Something really went foul.

For Eat Local, this high-quality and reliable equipment (two fridges and a large chest freezer) will be a game changer. Thank you so much for your trust and support. If you were a member of the Chefs Forum and are interested in joining Eat Local, please contact our president, (please be a little patient, until we finish our start-up phase!)ChefsForumCoolingEquipment

First screenshot from online store

Dear members,

We present a first screenshot from our online store. Minor details will still change, icons and products are being added, but the overall looks and functionalities are there. THANK YOU for your patience!
Food is organized in categories, and each item points out the producer. The store offers pre-ordering for future weeks, in order to secure rare items in advance. It also offers standard orders (e.g. 1 dozen eggs) every week, to simplify shopping (this feature will only be activated after we have a little operational experience).

Screenshot Online store


All in all we are moving ahead well, with great support from currently 220 members. Grant proposal submitted, insurance and credit card processing solved, and lots of other hurdles taken… THANK YOU!

Farmers have been volunteering a great deal in the warehouse while getting their crops into the ground. Thanks especially to Gerald Te Velde 0and his boys, Greg Stewart, Ahren Hughes, and everyone else who jumped in. We are also learning a new software, getting the online store ready, and data processing. Without permanent staff, this is a big pile!

– On May 24th, we could still use a couple of hands to get the Walk-in Cooler assembled.

If anyone is fairly fast with one of the following and could give us a couple of days, it would really speed things up:
– Data entry
– Graphic conversion
– Mapping

Please contact at

Kind regards,


As of now, emerging routes are as follows (confirmed pick-up locations are underlined)

  • OWEN SOUND ROUTE, mostly home delivery:
    Owen Sound downtown, east, west, Balmy Beach
  • LAKE HURON ROUTE , mostly home delivery:
    Saugeen Shores down to Kincardine
  • HIGHLAND ROUTE, mostly pick-up:
    the triangle between Chatsworth, Wiliamsford, Durham, Flesherton, Holland Centre
  • THE NORTHERNER ROUTE, outside of Wiarton mostly pick-up
    Park Head, Hepworth, Sauble Beach, Oliphant, Wiarton, Ferndale, Lions Head
    Hanover, Walkerton, Neustadt & Mildmay, Chesley, Tara
    (outside of these centers pick-up only)

In other areas, we were contacted about pick-up locations but have no confirmation yet (Woodford, Bognor, Meaford, Paisley).  These locations could also be served as group pick-ups without their own route!

We have some interest from the Blue Mountains Municipality, but currently not enough density. For now, options include more members, or pick-up from Flesherton, Owen Sound, or the Meaford area, or simply a bit more patience!


We are still looking for pick-up locations in many other places.  In Owen Sound, we are looking for a large and convenient drop-off for commuters, maybe in Springmount or the strip mall.  Please get in contact if you have an idea!

Huge turn-out in Lion’s Head BPEG

In Lion’s Head, our General Manager Thorsten was invited to speak at a Bruce Peninsula Environmental Group meeting. With 70 participants, the turn-out was phenomenal. Thorsten spoke about the link between environment, agroecological practices, and local food distribution. After a  lively discussion, a community member in Lion’s Head identified a pick-up location with freezer capacity. Thanks for putting Lion’s Head on the map of Eat Local!

Please invite us to speak on your event!

Credit Card Application

After positive messages from an intermediary company, today we received a message that our application for credit card processing was indeed declined. Apparently, pre-selling a co-op membership – our chosen form of a start-up fundraiser – was rejected by their legal department, even though the disclaimers had initially been found sufficient. Please accept my apology, you can sign up through eTransfer and cheques now.

UPDATE: The application was declined because as a start-up we were selling multi-year memberships. Eat Local will require that, during the first year, memberships are purchased through eTransfer or cheque. Regular purchases can use credit card. After that time, we would have adequate rating.

UPDATE 2: We seem to be accepted now for purchasing goods. No formal announcement before a test has not been processed!