Workplace delivery

Deliciously convenient!

Can you imagine bringing home healthy, farmer’s market quality groceries right from your workplace – simply with a few clicks online?

Why bother with food?

Many employees lack time to shop well – family responsibilities, shift work, and simply the energy to drive around are barriers to eating better and buying local goods.

A workplace pickup with Eat Local Grey Bruce, where we drop off your employees’ food orders at your workplace, can dramatically increase access to local, healthy and fresh food for your employees. With this, you can increase your employee’s happiness, and in the long run even improve their health.

Shopping with Eat Local does not take long. We are reducing shopping time through standing (weekly or biweekly) orders, pre-selection of favourite items, and lately through one-click purchases of bundles that include all groceries needed for a whole meal. This way, your employees can shop in less than 10 minutes during lunch break and not waste time.

As an employer, your collaboration with Eat Local will support ecological farming in our area – with multiple benefits for rural employment, the environment, and a vibrant local economy. Thank you!

In Eat Local, we do our homework.

Excellent quality, food safety, and service are the heart of our cooperative. Eat Local Grey Bruce offers a continuous cooling chain that meets all food safety requirements. We deliver in a refrigerated vehicle with a freezer section, pack food in insulated bags with adequate ice packs. Our staff is continuously improving workflows in a clean work environment that meets all food safety regulations and standards. We ensure best food quality though careful selection of farmers and a quality-first buying policy. We also value the visuals of food and food presentation!

Check list for managers

We deliver in a refrigerated truck and guarantee the cooling chain to your door. With insulated bags and ice packs, the food will remain refrigerated for 2 hours. Our cooling chain is inspected by the Health Unit and complies with Ontario’s food safety regulations.

  • Dedicate one contact person for pickup management
  • Dedicate space for drop-off:
    • chest freezer space
    • table space (generally one table is enough)
  • Clarify drop-off location for our truck (parking, entry door)
  • Arrange timing of drop-off. Timing needs to fit with our schedule and with the workplace schedule.
  • Inform Eat Local Grey Bruce about eventual building access procedure to your building

We work with the same driver at all times and the substitute is the General Manager.

Reach out to your staff

  • Promote healthy eating habits with your staff
  • Inform staff about the pick-up opportunity at your workplace
  • Invite a speaker from Eat Local Grey Bruce to talk about well-being & healthy eating habits
  • Dedicate a spot at the drop-off location for food information materials (Eat Local promotes 10 simple steps to a healthy diet).

Eat Local Grey Bruce is working with local coaches who provide training on healthy, cost-effective and time-efficient cooking from scratch – let us know if you are interested!

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