Our Commitment

We commit to a grass-root food system

The goal of Eat Local Grey Bruce is to make it easier for consumers to make good food choices and for farmers to make good growing choices. Good choices are those that improve and support our health, the local economy, animal welfare, biodiversity and environment.

In a complex food system, simple answers can seem elusive. By building a closer relationship between food producers and eaters, Eat Local Grey Bruce hopes to foster a conversation about food and agriculture, by asking constructive questions and finding answers together.

Our production practices

Our producers have a variety of practices, from certified organic and biodynamic, to certified naturally grown, non-certified organic, and cautious conventional. What is common to all the producers is a passion for good food, our communities and constant learning and adaption. We think transparent communication about each producer’s growing practices is more important than limiting ourselves to a particular type of production system. We encourage you to get to know your farmers, learn about their practices and ask questions.

Our products

Our start-up product policy specifies our purchasing priorities and our constitutive consensus, in order to balance health and environmental concerns, affordability, and our farmer’s supply capacity. We hope to refine these over time with our producer and customer members.