Delivery routes and times

Delivery Routes

In most rural areas, we can only offer central drop-off stations where customers have a 2-3 hours window for pick-up and a chest freezer, because we only have one vehicle. We currently offer 6 routes and are looking in to starting another one on Friday.

1. Northern Affairs: Hepworth via Wiarton to Lion’s Head
2. City of Owen Sound Route                                                                          3. NEW! Inner Grey Bruce Route: Tara, Chesley, Hanover and Walkerton

4. Highland Climber:   Rockford, Chatsworth, Durham, Flesherton (additional pick-up opportunity in Owen Sound!)
4. Bighead River Route:   Woodford
6. Lake Huron Coaster:    Saugeen Shores (Port Elgin, Southampton), Tiverton and Kincardine

Home delivery

We can offer home delivery in the following areas (all marked with HD):

• Wednesdays:

o Generally city limits of Owen Sound,
o Downtown of Wiarton (please inquire if in doubt)                                 o  Tara, Chesley, Hanover and Walkerton

• Thursday

o Downtown Chatsworth & Durham
o General city limits of Saugeen Shores and Kincardine

These areas also offer pick-up locations. There is no delivery fee for pickup locations in inner “walk-able” cities including Owen Sound Milk Maid, Frog Pond, Wiarton Artist Coop, and Port Elgin’s Rabbit Dash.

Workplace delivery

Please arrange for delivery to your workplace. More information here.

Pickup Locations

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Home Delivery

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