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Greg Stewart


Elsinore, Ontario


Vegetables, Potatoes and other roots, Sprouts, various

Stewart’s Fresh Produce

About the Farmer

Greg started farming using natural methods five years ago. For Greg farming was a viable way to move back home closer to family. His favorite part of farming is being outdoors. He says vegetable farming is a great mix of yoga and tanning. When not farming Greg enjoys many hobbies including traveling, hiking and camping.

About the Farm

I've been growing vegetables using natural methods for five years, on the land I grew up on, just south of Elsinore. I'm currently working about 3 acres. I've added about half an acre a year as I break new ground each year.  I grow a little bit of everything, but mostly the staples: tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beets, beans, peas etc... I attend three markets a week (Port Elgin, Wiarton, and Lion's Head). 

Producer Practices

I compost all the green material that isn't marketable food and return it to the soil every spring. I use buckwheat to suppress weeds and prepare new plots. I plant clover between rows to reduce tilling and fix nitrogen in the soil. I use bio-mulch to control soil temperature and moisture and, also, to reduce weeds... Having no spare time, I adopt ecological methods to reduce the amount of time I spend picking weeds. Many of them have beneficial attributes. I do not use any chemical sprays or soil amendments.

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