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Rebel Roots Herb Farm

About the Farmer

Rebel Roots Herb Farm is where Bobbi, Alexis, and their 2 children Violet and River Burnett call home.

Before Bobbi met Alexis she ran a successful market garden, growing and selling organic veggies and bringing them to farmers’ markets. Over the years, as her love of plants grew, so too did her knowledge and use of medicinal herbs. The amount of time and garden space dedicated to growing, harvesting and utilizing medicinal herbs grew alongside.

Bobbi met Alexis (a talented and passionate herbalist) in 2009. Alexis began using the medicinal herbs from the gardens in his programs and workshops run through his outdoor school Earth Tracks. The herbs resulted in high potency medicines and quality products. The hook was set and the shift was made from veggies to herbs. A great partnership grew and blossomed

About the Farm

Rebel Roots Herb Farm is a small family farm with a huge passion for growing quality medicinal herbs on our land in Grey County, Ontario.  Using our hands we start the seeds, tend the gardens, harvest the herbs, and package them.  No chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used, resulting in a healthier ecosystem and products that we can stand behind with pride.

Producer Practices

We believe in good medicine, whatever that means for you. For us it means working with plants, being outside, touching the soil, feeling the sun and tending to gardens full of lovely herbs and buzzing bees. We just wouldn’t have it any other way.

Simply put—we love being around plants! We also believe there is a marked difference between herbs grown locally, organically and with respect, and those which are not. It’s easy to see the difference and even more evident when you drink a tea or take an extract made with our herbs.

Our producers