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Kendra Smith and Stacy Hull






Frozen Meals

Little Black Dog Creative Catering

About the Farmer

At Little Black Dog we are committed to using locally sourced, organic, sustainable ingredients wherever possible.The environment is also very important to us, and we strive to minimize waste, so a large portion of our packing is recyclable, compost able or biodegradable. We are friendly and flexible, whether you are a bachelor, a large family, business or have dietary restrictions. We have a variety of different options for you!

About the Farm

Creative plates are chef inspired and prepared meals, made from local ingredients and served in stylish recyclable serving dishes. These meals are designed to be affordable and convenient for the Eat Local Grey Bruce consumer. If you are a busy family or a hard working single we are sure to impress and fulfill your appetite.

Producer Practices

At Little Black Dog we are committed to using locally sourced, organic, sustainable ingredients wherever possible. Our goal is to use the freshest, healthiest and local food for our meals! Bruce County has some amazing farmers doing great jobs at raising and growing food with no GMO, Hormones or Antibiotics. We are currently meeting and touring some of these farms to create a lasting relationship with our suppliers. Please see the friends of Little Black Dog Catering below, as our relationships continue to grow.

Our producers