owned by

Laurie Thomas and Quentin Botting


Mildmay, Ontario




Pastured Chicken

Carrick Hill Farms

About the Farmer

Laurie and Quinn started farming four years ago. They believe in supporting local organic systems and working toward a vibrant community and wanted to be part of this revolution. Laurie and Quinn see a wide sweeping change occurring in our culture, the Slow Movement. As small scale organic farmers they are proud and honoured to enjoy working with nature at nature's pace and best practice. For their family this also means part of best practice is good cooking, and part of best pace is connecting at the dinner table. They both enjoy working directly with the animals and observing their fullest happy fitness. When not farming you can find Laurie and Quinn enjoying good stories in whichever form they might take and indulging in pleasurable dining experiences with good friends.

About the Farm

We pride ourselves on our premium quality meats from animals raised with exceptional care. Pastured, organically fed and humanely raised chicken from a small farm dedicated to improving our environment and our health through nutrient dense and ethical food.

Producer Practices

We practice organic (non certified), pasture based production and are an Ontario Farm Environmental Plan participant. We are also members of the Ecological Farmers of Ontario and Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

Our producers