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Jason Hayes and Marcelina Salazar




Pastured chicken, lamb meat, pork meat, produce, various

Burdock Grove

About the Farmer

Jason started working on farms in the late 90's, while finishing university in Peterborough. He and his wife bought their farm in Williamsford in 2008. Jason loves what he calls the enormous challenge of farming. He says it tests his problem solving skills and exercises different muscles everyday. He also loves that it feeds him a different meal everyday. He is grateful for the opportunity it provides him to participate in nature and community. His favorite farm activity is leaning on the fence watching sheep in new grass. When he's not farming you can find Jason cooking, playing music, fishing, hanging out in his wife's pottery studio admiring her latest work and getting together with family and friends.

About the Farm

Burdock Grove is a 30-acre grass farm near Williamsford that is home to Jason Hayes and Marcelina Salazar. We have been raising lamb, pork, duck, chicken and vegetables here since 2008. Our goal is to provide sustainably raised food of the highest quality to our local community.

Producer Practices

We grow vegetables on a couple of the most fertile corners of the farm, both outdoors and in moveable hoop houses. The gardens are planned according to a rotation that includes cover crops, our own compost and naturally sourced minerals that are deficient in our region's soils. Pastures are treated with the same attitude of stewardship, and their ability to sequester atmospheric carbon offers an even greater environmental benefit than our gardens. Our chickens, sheep and ducks are moved to new grass daily, optimizing their nutrition and giving the grass time to regrow before being grazed again. These practices are designed to foster a healthy and growing soil layer, which is where healthy and growing plants, animals, and ultimately people come from!

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