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Bennet Deakin


Neustadt, Ontario




Bread, various

Aster Lane Bread

About the Farmer

Aster Lane Bread started commercial production in April of 2015. Bennet and Katherine started baking as a way to use the grain they enjoy growing. Bennet says his favourite farm activity is grain harvest but he and Katherine also enjoy working outside, making food and the quality of life offered by farming. Bennet is enamored with bread for many reasons. Mostly he says he is happy to be making (and eating) good food, but he also likes the challenge, the process, and the mystery of baking that seems to make it all come together. When they aren't farming or baking bread Bennet and Katherine can be found swimming in the river or obsessing about their cat.

About the Farm

Aster Lane Bread is located on 100 acres along the Beatty Saugeen River near Neustadt, Ontario. Here we have built a small bakery with a wood-fired brick oven large enough to fit 50 loaves at one time. We also keep a few beehives.

Producer Practices

We bake only naturally fermented (sourdough) bread using only lightly sifted and whole grain flours. For several reasons, including improved health and flavour, we do not add commercial yeast and we do not use white flour. Currently we use only locally grown, organic flour sourced from local millers. We are hoping to start milling some flour ourselves sometime in 2016, and to be producing some of our own grain by 2017.

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