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Tim Fisher & Jennifer Osborn






All Sorts Acre

About the Farmer

Tim Fisher and Jennifer Osborn are the proud farmers of All Sorts Acre. A gift of two Shetland sheep started them on a journey they never could have anticipated.

Since before she could walk, Jennifer has been mad about animals. Stories from her father about the old family farm in England, and horse back riding fostered her love of the natural world. For many reasons she chose to pursue an art career from illustration to web design, but she never lost her love for animals. A random find in a Goodwill store of Bill Mollison’s “Introduction to Permaculture” put both Tim and Jennifer on a new path. It was a co-op position on an organic, bio-dynamic farm that re-kindled her love of farming, and off they went.

A trip to Thailand in his early 20’s changed Tim’s life. He returned with a determination to be a benefit to the environment. He received his Diploma in Environmental Engineering, with a specialization in composting. His career lead him in many directions, but when he began farming it all came full circle.

About the Farm

We strive to produce food that respects and protects the natural world. Our sheep have year round access to the outside to enjoy the sun on their backs and wind on their faces. Rotationally grazing on fresh, nutritious grass is the foundation of our farm. We use no growth hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, and no chemicals on their wool. Our animals are bred to so they don’t require tail docking or dehorning.

Producer Practices

We personally source local produce from like-minded farmers and use fair-trade and organic ingredients. Simple, traditional handmade ice cream is what we make. What we make is delicious.

Sheep’s milk is also unique in its structure. Many of those who are lactose intolerant, and cannot drink cow or goat milk, can consume sheep’s milk. Sheep milk nutritionally out-performs goat & cow’s milk in almost all areas.


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