owned by

Blair and Heather


Collingwood, ON




Annanda Chaga

About the Farmer

Annanda Chaga is a small family owned and operated company in Collingwood Ontario Canada. We believe that the Chaga Mushroom is truly a gift of nature to be enjoyed by all.  We hand pick, clean & sort and air-dry our wild harvested Chaga Mushrooms with loving care. Inspired by his own health recovery and that of his wife Heather and immediate friends and family, Blair started Annanda Chaga to bring an honest and pure Canadian source of this precious gift of nature to help others.

About the Farm

Annanda Chaga aims to de-mystify and inform people about the amazing healing benefits of this highly medicinal mushroom wild harvested from deep within the forests of Northern Ontario Canada. Only harvesting the correct type of mature Chaga and always leaving some behind so the mushroom can re-grow is paramount to help this gift of nature to continue to prosper for generations to come. Blair shares his experiences and tells 'The Truth About Chaga'.
Annanda Chaga invites you to honor, love yourself and discover why you, your friends and your family should be drinking Chaga Mushroom Tea every day.


Producer Practices

Annanda Chaga is a wild harvester, processor and manufacture of Chaga Mushroom products certified by Ecocert Canada. All of our medicinal mushrooms are wild harvested from Canada and laboratory tested safe from heavy metals and pesticides. All of our products are processed and packaged in our nut free, dairy free, organic facility in Collingwood Ontario.

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