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After positive messages from an intermediary company, today we received a message that our application for credit card processing was indeed declined. Apparently, pre-selling a co-op membership – our chosen form of a start-up fundraiser – was rejected by their legal department, even though the disclaimers had initially been found sufficient. Please accept my apology, you can sign up through eTransfer and cheques now.

UPDATE: The application was declined because as a start-up we were selling multi-year memberships. Eat Local will require that, during the first year, memberships are purchased through eTransfer or cheque. Regular purchases can use credit card. After that time, we would have adequate rating.

UPDATE 2: We seem to be accepted now for purchasing goods. No formal announcement before a test has not been processed!

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  1. Have never tried this before but was really looking forward to it. One question will the consumer be allowed to choose some or all of their veggies e.g we do not like Kale for one

    1. Hello Jackie,

      Thank you for your question, I added them to our FAQs.

      FFor the 2016 season, we will offer veggies in three manners:

      you order individual items (like “2 heads of green head lettuce”),
      a one-time box order that is composed by producers (“Mixed spring veggies by Lena Landei”),
      regular orders by producers (“Seasonal veggies by Persephone Market Garden”).

      In 2016, the responsibility for content will mainly be with producers. All of our members have experience in such box programs. We will run surveys what type of veggies polarize our customers (like kale or fennel: some love it, others hate it!), such that keep these out of mixed boxes because we sell as individual items.

      In 2017, Eat Local will consider offering an own box that can be customized by consumers. Here, Eat Local composes a seasonal box and customers can flag certain veggies that they don’t like. Our software is capable of this, but we need to do lots of planning to match demand and supply. For this reason, please sign up as a customer so we know what to plan for in 2017. We can only sell what our producers have seeded for us!

      So lots of learning for all of us. Thank you for your interest.
      Kind regards, Thorsten Arnold, General Manager

  2. You may already have me on the list from last fall. I would like to become a member. I was really impressed with what I purchased last fall and am looking forward to being able to buy regularly.

    1. There are no spending obligations at all. There is an annual membership fee, and a charge of $5.00 per delivery, which discourages tiny orders.

  3. I have a number of food sensitivities (night shade vegetables), pork, lamb, corn, tomato, melons, peppers, etc.
    Am I able to receive food boxes with these foods absent? Or ought I to wait till 2017?
    Thanks …

  4. Thorsten, For credit card payments take a look at setting up a business PayPal account. They process all major credit cards and the fee per transaction is not outrageous. I have used it for my small business and have been very satisfied. The customer does not need to have a PayPal account to use their credit card. Thrilled you are making a go of this. We’ll be signing up for a four year membership.

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